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CASW Instruments Ltd. is the representative of Applanix in China. They focus in mobile mapping application and support their clients in lands and marine base mobile maping solution and airborne lidar solution. CASW develops his own airborne camera solution base on medium format camera. The products include AMC580 (5x cameras), AMC180 (single camera), AMC180 oblique(5 camera for uav) , AMC1036(10x cameras oblique).

AMC180 is their first camera to introduce in worldwide market.

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CASW Instruments Ltd.
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Compact Stabiliaztion Mount CSM 130 and AMC180T

Compact Gyro Application System - CASW Instruments Ltd. offers compact camera system: AMC180T. The basic modules are:

AMC180T - The complete system is a compact airborne camera solution which is based on medium format camera, Gyro Mount, IMU and GNSS. The camera head consist of Phase One iXA 180. Different sizes from 25 mm to 240 mm lenses are possible. “Applanix AP20” represents the GNSS system, which is a continuous mobile positioning and orientation solution for georeferencing of remote sensing systems to level accuracy. An inertial measurment unit (IMU) is integrated, too. SOMAG’s CSM 130 is our Compact Stabilization Mount, which is designed for single format airborne cameras and single sensor systems. The 3 axis Mount reduces the roll, pitch and yaw movements of the aircraft.

The whole system is especially interesting for aircraft and helicopter.

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Specifications AMC180T


  • Weight: Less than 20 kg

Camera Head - Phase One iXA 180

  • Resolution: 10320 x 7752 (80MP)
  • Capture Rate:1.5 sec / frame

GNSS - Applanix AP20/POSAV310

  • IMU: MEMS, 200Hz Data Rate (upgradable to FOG and RLG)
  • GNSS: 220 Channels
  • FMS: Applanix POSTrack™ and RADI FANS compatible

CSM 130

  • Dimensions: 290 x 275 x 120 mm
  • Useable Diameter: 130 mm
  • Mass: 5.2 kg
  • Pitch - at 0 deg Roll: ± 15.0°
  • Roll - at 0 deg Pitch: ± 15.0°
  • Yaw (Drift): ± 25.0°

Compact Design - AMC180T

Rotocraft Installation
CSM 130, Phase One, IMU
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