Exclusive System Design for Phase One 150MP/ 100MP Aerial System

SOMAG AG Jena as global market leader of gyro stabilization devices enables with its newest development a revolutionized performing of data acquisition.

For the recently launched Phase One iXM 150MP/ 100MP Aerial System we from SOMAG AG Jena developed and designed an exclusive adapter frame for an integration with our Gyro Stabilization Mount CSM 40.

With this innovative construction we created a perfectly matching fully integrated system for the use in aerial data acquisitions.  With this solution and the integration of our CSM 40 a precise stabilization of the camera system is guaranteed and pin-sharp images arise. The result is a highly effective and economic data acquisition as blurred images and the appearance of data gaps, which causes repeated flights, are reduced.

The lightweight of our within this aerial system integrated Gyro Stabilization Mount CSM 40 is perfectly suitable for the use in (ultra)light aircraft and drones. Besides its modular design allows an adaption of almost every small format camera or sensor and works together with nearly every Flight Management System. The ability to control the device digital with our SOMAG Mount Control App ensures a easy and quick monitoring of the mount, enables to analyze the performance in real time and allows a variety of set-ups and individual, adapted to your needs, features.

SOMAG AG Jena produces Gyro Stabilization Mounts for sensors and cameras for aerial photography or geospatial data acquisition to reduce arbitrary movements.

Find out more about the exclusive OEM Design we developed for the Phase One 150MP/100MP Aerial System

Benefits CSM 40

  • Mass of only 5.2 kg
  • Payload up to 15 kg
  • Diameter of 130 mm
  • USB-port
  • Control via SOMAG Mount Control App 
  • No need of an external control panel

 Phase One Aerial System Features

  • Small sized and light weight aerial camera system
  • Fast capture speed (2fps)
  • Large image coverage

The complete system is perfectly suited for drones and light aviation vehicles.

Gyro Stabilization Mount CSM 40 and Phase One 100MP/150MP Aerial System

Compact Stabilization Mount CSM
Phase One iXM-RS150MP
Exclusive designed adapter frame

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