Surveillance Camera Stabilized By Marine Gyro Stabilization Platform RSM 400

At sea, pitch and roll movements of boats, ships or USVs caused by the swell present a challenge for data acquisition processes. If sensors are mounted without stabilization, they are exposed to the movements of the vessel, which results in numerous sources of error.

Precise Stabilization in harsh environments

The RSM 400 is specifically designed for marine applications to precisely stabilize sensors in extremely harsh environments. The design of the unit allows the adaption of a wide range of cameras and scanners, making the device very versatile for various applications, such as surveillance tasks for which gyro stabilization makes a noticeable difference.

Electro-Optical/Infra-Red systems are usually used for this purpose, as they provide both visible and infrared wavelengths for environmental perception by day and night and under low-light conditions. Image stabilization is of crucial importance here, since EO/IR systems must be able to detect moving objects from a distance and under rough maritime conditions.

Monitoring Buoy

Buoy for real-time water monitoring equipped with PTZ camera stabilized by marine gyro stabilizer RSM 400

Marine Gyro Stabilizer RSM 400 - Made to Last

With high-quality materials and an IP 67 class shell the RSM 400 is made to last. The Mount is salt- and splash-water resistant and has an extremely rugged housing. Rough maritime environments set no limits to its functionality and performance. With its electromechanical gimbal system the mount compensates roll and pitch up to ≤±15.5° and stabilizes payloads up to 15 kg.

First Choice Gimbal for Surveillance

This makes SOMAG's RSM 400 first choice as a marine gyro-stabilized platform for surveillance applications at sea. The RSM is therefore the perfect add-on device for Pan-,Tilt-, Zoom cameras. Its usage is not limited to any specific type of vessel. The marine gyro stabilization platform can also be used on buoys. Normally the sensor is located on top of the platform but for this specific customer request we designed a frame to install the camera underneath the RSM 400. The marine gyro mount compensates the tilting movements of the buoy and provides for stabilized video recordings. This ensures an optimal coastal line monitoring.

Application Example RSM 400 installed on buoy

PTZ camera stabilized by Ruggedized Stabilization Mount 400
Gyro-stabilized platform RSM 400 for active compensation of sensor motion
Precise Sensor Stabilization at Sea
Precise sensor stabilization in harsh maritime environments

Coastal line view through stabilized PTZ camera

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