Optech Inc. Gyro Mount

The Gyro Mount was designed for Teledyne Optech. Corporate colour and company logo are reflected on the Mount. In this case our Gyro Stabilization Devices are the GSM 3000 and GSM 4000, which are used for Optech Sensor Series. In fact, the Gyro Stabilization Mount 4000 has optimal look for Teledyne Optech Inc. and their end consumers.

Arbitrary rotational movements will be stabilized by our Gyro Mount for the Optech Lidar sensors and metrical digital mapping cameras. The results are perfect aligned imagery and efficient data collection.


Esri UC: Teledyne Optech Showcases Galaxy Sensor

Teledyne Optech Inc.

Teledyne Optech, a Teledyne majority-owned company, is the world's leading maker of reliable, rugged, and innovative lidar and camera survey products, with over 35 years of experience worldwide.

Branded Optech Gyro Mount with Titan and Galaxy sensor

Titan Sensor mounted on GSM 4000
Titan Sensor and GSM 4000 in field
11 GSM 4000 and Galaxy sensor
Galaxy Sensor with OEM GSM 4000
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