SOMAG Engineering Services For Individual Solutions

Besides our own devices we are offering engineering services. There with we are able to create individual solutions for our customers.

Our business activities enfolded:

  • Modeling and design of devices for airborne applications
  • Precise testing instruments for optical assemblies and laser systems
  • Conceptual design of Mount adapters and other optional equipment
  • Developing and manufacturing of small batch series (OEM)

We create models and analysis by using the latest hard- and software tools. Five CAD workstations with the designing program ProEngineer Wildfire 5 (creo elements/pro 5.0) and five electronic workstations are used. Customer projects are executed and realized using the mentioned tools based on the expertise of the employees.

Lift And Tilt Gimbal

SOMAG AG Jena designs and manufactures lift and tilt gimbal which is mainly used for optical systems, which can be used for different precise measurement tasks. The units offer a unique position accuracy less than 1 µm in several movement axis. 

The primary functionality of our lift and tilt gimbal is to position the sensor concentrically to the optical axis of the optical system. The sensor can be easily positioned in relation to the device in several axis. In this way we can guarantee optimal high quality results. In fact the variations are extremely minor and the absolute positioning repeatability is very high.

Several Degrees Of Freedom

Our lift and tilt gimbal is designed for several degrees of freedom:

  • X', Z' - realized by cross table
    • X' ± 200 mm
    • Z' ± 400 mm
  • Y' - realized by lift and tilt axes
    • Y' ± 8 mm
  • ϕX' - realized by tilting axes
    • ϕX' ± 1,5°
  • ϕY' - realized by pivot axis
    • ϕY' > 360°
Optimal Dimensional Positioning
Used for different Measurement
Individual Unit
Several Movement Axis

Track And Trace Unit

SOMAG AG Jena designed a track and trace unit which consists of conveyer belt, lifting unit, elimination unit and a base frame. Inkjet printer and camera systems are carried by the lifting unit, too.

The operating principles of our track and trace unit are effective and precise. One data matrix code is printed on the box by a high-resolution inkjet printer. Immediately afterwards the integrated camera system verified the printed data matrix code. The corresponding image analysis software evaluates the image data of the camera. Consequently, the faulty good will sorted out by an air jet. 

Our Track and Trace unit can be used for variety of packaging sizes.

Variety of packaging sizes
Data Capturing by Camera System
Track and Trace Unit
Image Analysis Software

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