Lift and Tilt Gimbal

SOMAG AG Jena designs and manufacturs a test beds which are mainly used for optical systems. The units offer a unique position accuracy less than 1 µm in several movement axis. Of particular importance is our lift and tilt gimbal which can be used for different measurement tasks. 

This primary function of our lift and tilt gimbal is to position a sensor concentrically to the optical axis of the optical system. The sensor can be easily positioned in relation to the device in several axis. In this way we can guarantee optimal dimensional positioning results. In fact the variations are extremely minor and the absolute positioning repeatability is very high.

Several Degrees of Freedom

Our lift and tilt gimbal is designed for several degrees of freedom:

  • X', Z' - realized by cross table
    • X' ± 200 mm
    • Z' ± 400 mm
  • Y' - realized by lift and tilt axes
    • Y' ± 8 mm
  • ϕX' - realized by tilting axes
    • ϕX' ± 1,5°
  • ϕY' - realized by pivot axis
    • ϕY' > 360°

Lift and Tilt Gimbal

Optimal Dimensional Positioning
Used for different Measurement
Individual Unit
Several Movement Axis
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