Without Stabilization

  • Potential source of error: lack of adjacent overlap could missing data
  • Large overlaps to avoid missing data
  • Costs time and money > inefficient workflow
  • Acquisition of blurred images causes postprocessing issues
  • Ranging errors for LiDAR's because of aircraft pitch movement
Pictures: IGI mbH

With Stabilization

  • Turbulences are stabilized/ Risk of data gaps is highly reduced
  • Overlaps can be reduced to 10 % or even less
  • Tremendous saving of time and money > more efficient workflow
  • Smearing of images is highly reduced
  • Pitch compensation increases ranging accuracy of LiDAR's
Pictures: IGI mbH

Stabilized Movements by SOMAG Mounts

Pitch, Roll, Yaw and Vibration Stabilized Movements

Gyro Stabilization Devices

The SOMAG AG Jena manufactures and sells Gyro Stabilization Devices. Our products are particularly suitable for airborne sensors which are used for aerial photography or geospatial data acquisition. The integrated leading-edge and the disruptive technology of our gimbal systems prize our customers and distributors. Our 3 axis Gyro Mounts compensate the roll, pitch and yaw movements of the airborne. This technology allows a high resolution image quality and more flying time at lower costs.

Based on our product line we offer different Gyro Mounts which we precisely tailor to the requirements for our customers and partners.

Constant Challenge for Aerial Photography

The pitch, roll and yaw angles present a constant challenge for aerial photography and geospatial data acquisition. To remedy this issue, our company manufactures different Gyro Stabilization Devices, which reduce the turbulences of the Aircraft. In the end, your geospatial informations and present results of all your flight operations will be more exact. Besides, your costs will be much less.

First Line/Second Line

Various Applications with our Mounts

Take the control of the vibration and movement of the aircraft and bring to your customers image/data quality and more flying time.

Our innovative Gyro Stabilization Mounts have a wide range of potential applications, especially for various Sensors and types of Camera. This makes our Mounts so unique and various.

In fact, our Gyro Mounts are interesting for LiDAR systems, GIS, Airborne Cameras, Sensors and Spectrometer

Compatible with

  • Multispectral Cameras
  • Hyperspectral Cameras
  • LiDAR Systems
  • Mapping Systems
  • Radar Systems
  • Hybrid Mapping Systems
GeoStar and SSM 350L

Gyro Mount for Lidar systems

Overview and enlargement of image example stabilized with GSM 4000

Gyro Mount for aerial camera systems

stabilized data / pin-sharp image

Gyro Mount Application Examples

OEM Design - Vexcel UltraMount
Teledyne Titan Sensor / GSM 4000
IGI Cavalon with embedded CSM 130
CASW - AMC180T with CSM 130
Blom - GSM 4000 with Riegl LMS-Q 1560
RSM 300 in combination with 360° camera
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