NSM 400 Launch

SOMAG launched the NSM 400 EO/IR surveillance sensor gimbal
SOMAG AG Jena launches

Nautical Gyro Stabilization Mount NSM 400

With the launch of the NSM 400 SOMAG AG Jena has expanded its maritime portfolio’s capabilities. The NSM 400 is a medium-sized device between the smaller RSM 400 and the larger OSM 4000 and complements the product portfolio of Gyro Stabilization Platforms, which are designed for land and offshore use.

Reliable Gyro Stabilization for Surveillance Sensors

The NSM 400 was primarily designed for the stabilization of surveillance sensors on medium (starting from 1.0 kt onwards) to large maritime vessels. Un-stabilized systems follow the movement of the water caused by the swell which adversely affects the detection and threat-tracking capabilities of the sensor. Using a Gyro Stabilization Mount ensures a stabilized field of view and high-resolution images by compensating the movements of the vessel. This allows EO/IR systems to scan their environment without interference even in extreme sea conditions, in order to best detect, track and classify asymmetric air and surface threats. The NSM 400 is the perfect gimbal for IRST (infra-red search and track) and other surveillance systems to ensure 360° protection for surface vessels of naval forces.

Highest torque and stabilization range for the best gimbal performance on the market

Like all SOMAG marine Mounts, the NSM 400 is IP 67 compliant and made to perform in very rough sea conditions, up to sea state 6 and beyond. To achieve this performance, the NSM 400 features a peak torque of 350 Nm to withstand even 1.5 G lateral acceleration*. Users who choose an NSM 400 not only opt for an extremely powerful Mount, but also for one with a uniquely large stabilization range. The NSM 400 compensates for movements in roll and pitch up to ≤±20°. Even an installation at high altitudes, such as on 30-meter high masts, does not affect its performance. Designed to work 24/7 it offers an unmatched stabilization accuracy of ≤0.4° rms without external IMU data. It is also possible to feed in NMEA frames or ship data to improve the long-term stabilization performance of the Mount.

NSM 400 offers new communication standards

The NSM 400 offers another innovation as it is the first stabilization platform equipped with an Ethernet port. This enables the user to integrate the Mount into a network. Numerous advantages result from this, such as communication with the Mount over long distances and the possibility to easily access the Mount from different devices within the network as well as the simultaneous configuration if several Mounts are integrated in the network.

For further questions and prices please contact the SOMAG sales team at info@somag-ag.de

*The possible payload to be stabilized is related to the center of gravity of the payload as well as the lateral accelerations the Gyro Mount and payload have to withstand. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in this regard. In order to give you the best possible assistance, please include the following information in your request:

  • Where should the Mount be installed (floating platform, buoy, ship etc.)?
  • Dimensions (length/width/weight) of the platform or vessel
  • How many meters above the waterline should the Mount and the payload be installed?
  • Center of gravity and weight of the payload
  •  Further information you consider important

The more information we get about the planned application, the better we can support you.

NSM 400 – Marine

NSM 400 – Land


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