Gyro Stabilization Mounts


Key Features

Marine Mounts

  • Ruggedized design / IP 67 compliant

    for use in harsh maritime environments / dust, salt- and splash water resistant
  • Maximum Performance in Cold Environments

    operation down to -32° C possible
  • High Sensor Compatibility

    round shape enables compatibility with wide range of sensors
  • High Stabilization Accuracy

    SOMAG Marine Mounts reduce the existing movements at the sensor on average 45 times
  • External Data Import Possible

    IMU data and NMEA frame input for enhanced stabilization performance
  • Mount Control App

    for easy initial setup, diagnosis and feature setting

Product Line for Marine Applications

The marine product portfolio comprises three different Gyro Stabilization Mounts for different sensor sizes and applications. All devices are designed for operation in harsh weather and water conditions onboard boats, ships, Unmanned/Autonomous Surface Vehicles and buoys. Our products are unique as they are not limited to any particular hardware, because we want you to be as flexible as possible when choosing a camera or scanner for your projects. Our equipment can be combined with a variety of 360°-, thermal imaging, video- and hyperspectral cameras as well as laser scanners or antennas.

OSM 5000 – Marine

Offshore Stabilization Mount

OSM 5000 – Marine

NSM 400 – Marine

Nautical Stabilization Mount

NSM 400 – Marine

RSM 50 – Marine

Ruggedized Stabilization Mount

RSM 50 – Marine

OSM 5000NSM 400RSM 50
Angular Stabilization RangesPitch – at 0° roll:
Roll – at 0° pitch:
Yaw (Drift):
≤± 12.2° | 14.1° (optional)
≤± 17.4° | 14.1° (optional)
no drift correction
≤± 20.0°
≤± 20.0°
no drift correction
≤± 20.0°
≤± 20.0°
no drift correction
Payload1300 kg | 250 kg | 200 kg
660 lbs | 550 lbs | 440 lbs
100 kg | 70 kg | 55 kg
220.5 lbs | 154.3 lbs | 121.3 lbs
40 kg | 25 kg | 12.5 kg
88.2 lbs | 55.1 lbs | 27.6 lbs
Mass55 kg | 120 lbs33 kg | 72.5 lbs11.5 kg | 24.3 lbs
Dimensions / Height290 mm | 11.4 in290 mm | 11.4 in197.5 mm | 7.8 in
Dimensions / DiameterØ665 mm | Ø26.1 inØ486 mm | Ø19.1 inØ306 mm | Ø12 in
Preliminary data, subject to change

1 Possible payload weight depends on lateral acceleration and CoG of payload – see technical specification on product pages
Benefits of

Marine Gyro Mounts

Not only in the air but also at sea, pitch and roll movements of boats, ships or USVs caused by the swell present a challenge for data acquisition processes. If sensors are mounted without stabilization, they are exposed to the movements of the vessel, which results in numerous sources of error. For this reason, the SOMAG started developing a range of Gyro Stabilization Mounts specifically for marine applications to precisely stabilize sensors in extremely harsh environments. The two axis gimbals actively counterbalance vessel movements and ensure a drastic motion reduction of the sensor on top.

Without Stabilization

  • Imaging system follows vessel motion caused by swell
  • Unstable Field of View and decreased data quality
  • Deterioration of detection, tracking and pointing capabilities of sensor systems
  • Acquisition of blurred images causes more post-processing issues
  • Ranging errors for LiDARs because of aircraft pitch movement

With Stabilization

  • Pin-sharp images
  • High quality video recording
  • Perfectly stabilized Field of View
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Improved detection and tracking of moving objects even from a distance and in harsh environments
  • Pitch compensation increases ranging accuracy of LiDARs
Data Comparison

Video footage captured on water

SOMAG Marine Mounts

Stabilization Accuracy (Roll Axis)


Sharp images and a stabilized field of view despite high waves and rough weather conditions? The solution is Gyro Stabilization Mounts, developed especially for this purpose. Roll and pitch movements are reliably compensated to keep the sensor system perfectly balanced. Would you like to see in which cases SOMAG Marine Mounts are beneficial? We have compiled a number of examples for you that show the variety of application scenarios for our devices.

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