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SOMAG AG Jena is a global specialist for high-precision gimbal systems. The company, consisting of hand-picked experts in the fields of electronics, mechanics and software, focuses since 2004 on the development and manufacture of Gyro Stabilization Mounts for data acquisition and surveillance applications in the air, on land and at sea. The company boasts a global distribution network and a broad customer base in more than 50 countries, including commercial enterprises, government agencies, defense organizations and research institutions. Today, SOMAG  is the world market leader for stabilization platforms in the field of aerial photogrammetry and an OEM supplier for leading sensor manufacturers, but has always maintained its position in the market as an independent supplier. The uniqueness of customer projects and the multitude of different applications drives the SOMAG team to offer customized solutions and to improve performance with each newly developed device. This is why SOMAG Mounts set the pace for gyro stabilization devices worldwide.

SOMAG advantages

you will benefit from

  • Quality made in Germany
  • 20+ years of market experience
  • Experience as OEM partner
  • Customized solutions
  • Fast and reliable support
  • Highly compatible devices


Quality assurance

The foundation of our business success is our innovative strength and the full satisfaction of our customers with our products and services. We aim to achieve this by always offering and supplying our customers with cutting-edge technology, by fully meeting quality expectations, and by delivering our units on time. All Gyro Mounts are assembled with utmost precision at the headquarters in Jena, Germany.

Since 2007, our products have carried the label “Precision from Jena” and, in order to exchange know-how in this field, we are member of the specialist group of the same name.

We maintain a strict quality control system and strive to continuously improve our quality processes. We are a DIN ISO 9001 certified company and prove our high quality standards in regular inspections by external auditors. Furthermore, we ensure regular testing of our devices, supported by an in-house test bench. Performance, environmental and EMC standards are verified in independent test laboratories. You want to know more about our product testing? Then visit our news section.


We’re here to help!

Andreas Steps
Chief Executive Officer

Phone: +49 3641 633 68 0
E-Mail: a.steps@somag-ag.de

Sebastian Schreiber
Chief Technology Officer

Phone: +49 3641 633 68 0
E-Mail: s.schreiber@somag-ag.de

Konrad Steps
Founder and Consultant

Phone: +49 3641 633 68 18
E-Mail: k.steps@somag-ag.de

Jens Korneli
Development Manager

Phone: +49 3641 633 68 32
E-Mail: j.korneli@somag-ag.de

Lukas-Maximilian Graf
Production Manager

Phone: +49 3641 633 68 25
E-Mail: l-m.graf@somag-ag.de

Johannes Dreyer
Support Manager

Phone: +49 3641 633 68 17
E-Mail: j.dreyer@somag-ag.de

Lisa Graf
Marketing Manager

Phone: +49 3641 633 68 14
E-Mail: l.graf@somag-ag.de

Sören Lieske
Sales Manager

Phone: +49 3641 633 68 18
E-Mail: s.lieske@somag-ag.de

Christoph Prinz
Technical Purchaser

Phone: +49 3641 633 68 16
E-Mail: c.prinz@somag-ag.de


Past performance

What is important to us

Our corporate values

Social Commitment

Actively helping to shape society and giving something back to it – that’s what we’ve made our mission! As a company, we support our employees in their voluntary work. We also make regular donations to local institutions and projects. Donating is not an end in itself for us. Instead, our goal is to contribute to the long-term improvement of the common good. That is why the three aspects of regionality, use for a specific purpose and sustainability are at the heart of our social commitment. For us, however, social responsibility does not end beyond the city borders. It also means that we are committed to ensuring decent working and living conditions for those who produce the products we consume on a daily basis.

Sustainability and environmental protection

Thanks to our voluntary efforts in the areas of climate and environmental protection, resource conservation, energy efficiency and social sustainability, we have been a member of the Thuringia Sustainability Alliance (NAThüringen) since 2014. The alliance includes Thuringian companies that have made a name for themselves through their achievements in these fields. Our achievements include, among others, the energetic renovation and operation of our company buildings, the purchase of an e-car as a company car, the purchase of materials from manufacturers in the region to avoid emissions and the manufacture of long-life products. In addition, we regularly donate to the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union and other environmental protection projects, such as the organization I plant a tree, which planted 2000 trees in the Harz Mountains in our name.

Promotion of children and young people

Strengthening children’s natural spirit of research and discovery is very close to our hearts. We want to make them curious about technical professions and actively contribute to the promotion of mathematical, scientific, technical and computer science education (MINT) of girls and boys. We are therefore a member of witelo e.V. Jena, a sponsor of the MINT Festival Jena and are regularly represented with our own booth at the Long Night of the Sciences in our hometown Jena.


Where to find us

Am Zementwerk 8
07745 Jena

Phone: +49 3641 633 68 0
Fax: +49 3641 633 68 99
E-Mail: info@somag-ag.de

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Am Zementwerk 6
07745 Jena

SOMAG AG Jena is located
in the industrial park Jena21
at the train station Jena-Göschwitz.


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