Corporate Design Launch

SOMAG AG Jena to launch

New corporate design and website

SOMAG AG Jena presents itself in a new look and officially introduces its new corporate design including a new logo and a brand-new website. The company management is convinced that there is no better time for these exciting changes than the jubilee year 2022, when SOMAG celebrates its 20th anniversary.

“We want to express our transformation into a thorough expert for state-of-the-art stabilization technology in our visual appearance as good as possible, for which changes had to be made,” comments Sebastian Schreiber on this important step in the company’s history.

The new corporate design will be updated across all presences in the coming weeks and months and will be reflected across everything from product to customer experience and employer branding.

Reasons for the change

Over time, many companies change their look and their visual system. Also, for the brand SOMAG and its logo it was time to evolve. The beginnings of SOMAG go back to the year 1998 when company founder Konrad Steps started his own engineering office. Back then, engineering services were the day-to-day business. The “IBS” logo dates back to this time.

In 2002, SOMAG was founded with the aim to manufacture own devices meeting the highest quality and precision requirements. The logo which was created at that time symbolized exactly this vision and embodied the founding spirit of the company. For 20 years now, this logo has been a constant companion and has achieved a recognition value in the GIS industry.

A lot has happened in the last years. The line of gyro-stabilized platforms systems was launched with the first and well-known Gyro Mount GSM 3000 in 2004. Meanwhile, the German manufacturer has developed into the industry leader in the field of airborne stabilization technology. With the steadily growing importance of the Gyro Mount business, engineering services for local companies in Jena and Thuringia was discontinued in 2020 to focus solely on customized Gyro Stabilization solutions. In the last three years, the product portfolio of stabilized platforms for marine and land applications has been significantly expanded with the introduction of three new devices. The SOMAG team is dedicated to becoming the premier source of stabilization technology in these two markets as well.

“We are no longer the same company we were a 10 or 15 years ago. It was time to align the change we’ve made as a company in our visual presence,” CEO Andreas Steps says of the reasons.

The transformation

The new logo was developed in a multi-stage process that incorporated criticism and positive feedback from inside and outside the company, which resulted in taking the process into the right direction.

“Our aspirations for the new logo: simplicity and modernity are paramount, and above all it should embody the character of our company and our products. We have therefore chosen the abstraction of a gyroscope, symbolic of the functional principle of our devices. The new emblem reflects our field of activity, stands for balance, stability and it strengthens trust in our brand. We also feel like our potential customers will have a better perception of what we really stand for,” explains Marketing Manager Lisa Schönburg.

The company is looking forward to bringing the design to life with its display at Geo Week 2022 and is keen to hear feedback from business partners and customers.


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