NSM 400 - Land Application

Surveillance sensor gimbal for mobile C-UAS operations
Nato Exercise

NSM 400 as part of counter-drone system

SOMAG’s NSM 400, a Gyro Stabilization Mount designed to enhance the performance of sensors systems in mobile applications, is part of the counter-drone system Snow Leopard. The system is an evolution of Elettronica’s ADRIAN anti-drone system and was presented in early March on the occasion of NATO’s innovative White Fox exercise and conference held in Sestriere, Italy.

The system is characterized by its capabilities to operate in motion and under extreme operating conditions by using artificial intelligence techniques combined with signal analysis and image processing. Based on the operational requirements and concept of operations, the anti-drone system uses electro-optical devices and RS Scanner/DF as the only detection sensors. The stabilization platform compensates for vehicle movements in the roll and pitch axes in real time and precisely levels the sensor system to enable the identification and classification of drones at a distance. This guarantees an adequate response time.

The NSM 400 can be deployed on any kind of mobile vehicle. For this particular demonstration, the whole system was installed on a BV S7 vehicle of the Italian Army, but can also be installed on any other vehicle to provide protection for dismounted convoys and fixed targets.


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