OSM 5000 launch

SOMAG AG Jena launches

Offshore/Offroad Gyro Stabilization Mount OSM 5000

SOMAG AG Jena announces the launch of the new OSM 5000, the most powerful gyro-based stabilization platform ever developed by SOMAG. With the launch of the OSM 5000 and the launch of the RSM 50, SOMAG introduces two gimbals of the new series 5 for industry-leading stabilization in offshore and offroad settings.

High-class gyro stabilization for offroad and offshore environments

The gyro stabilizer is equipped with high-precision built-in sensors to detect in real-time movements of land vehicles caused by rough terrain, as well as angular movements of boats, ships, Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs), autonomous platforms and buoys caused by sea swell. The Gyro Stabilization Mount automatically compensates the movements to keep the sensor payload in a leveled position even when the ground is moving to provide razor-sharp imagery and comprehensive situational awareness. The IP class 67 weatherproof design allows the gimbal to do its job perfectly in humid, salty as well as dry, dusty environments.

Two stabilization range configurations available

“We offer the OSM 5000 in two different configurations, depending on the customer’s application, in order to do justice to the variety of possible use cases of our device and the resulting requirements,” says Sebastian Schreiber CTO, SOMAG AG Jena.

With its symmetrical stabilization range, the Gyro Stabilization Mount compensates movements in roll and pitch up to ≤± 14.1°. This configuration is particularly interesting for customers who want to install their sensor on a land vehicle or floating support, since the general motion stimulation is rather symmetrical. However, if the OSM is to be installed on ships, the asymmetric configuration with ≤± 12.2° pitch and ≤±17.4° roll axis stabilization is recommended. As shown by studies on ship motions, motions in the roll axis pose greater challenges than in the pitch axis. Because ships are longer than they are wide, motions in the pitch axis are quite limited. In contrast, movements in the roll axis in sea state 6 can reach between 13° to 19°, depending on the width of the vessel1.

1 Data is based on US Navy ship motion studies

Most powerful gimbal ever developed by SOMAG

The hydraulic gimbal system was designed to ensure precise leveling of heavy sensor payloads up to 300 kg (660 lbs) at only 55 kg own weight. Schreiber says: “When you consider the dimensions, it is quite amazing what we have created. With the OSM, we offer our customers a unit that can theoretically balance 4 grown men with an accuracy of ≤0.3°. The Gyro Mount is extremely powerful, but not monstrous. We clearly stand out from other devices on the market in terms of form factor, which has been kept as small as possible in relation to the performance of the Mount, being able to generate a peak dynamic torque of 550 Nm.”

The OSM 5000 features advanced control algorithms, enhanced diagnosis possibilities and an Ethernet communication interface that allows integration into existing networks as well as control and monitoring of multiple Gyro Mounts within a network.

Contact us for further information

The new OSM 5000 is commercially available as of now. For further questions and prices please contact SOMAG sales team.

In order to give you the best possible assistance, please include the following information in your request:

  • Where should the Mount be installed (floating platform, buoy, ship etc.)?
  • Dimensions (length/width/weight) of the platform or vessel
  • How many meters above the waterline should the Mount and the payload be installed?
  • Center of gravity and weight of the payload
  •  Further information you consider important

Find out more

OSM 5000 – Marine

OSM 5000 – Marine

OSM 5000 – Land

OSM 5000 – Land


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