RSM 50 launch

SOMAG AG Jena launches

Ruggedized Gyro Stabilization Mount RSM 50

SOMAG AG Jena announces the launch of the new RSM 50, a compact and cost-effective gimbal that offers top-notch stabilization for customers who want to get the most out of their sensor to achieve a high-quality and reliable data basis. With the leap to series 5, SOMAG sets new standards in the field of gyro stabilization technology for mobile land and water applications.

RSM – better than ever before

“The RSM 50 is backed on our 20 years of technical expertise in the development of Gyro Stabilization Mounts and the close exchange with our customers, whose needs are at the forefront of the development process. Thus, the further development of the RSM 400 into the RSM 50 has led to an improvement in all important specification parameters”, says Sebastian Schreiber, CTO at SOMAG.

Precise offroad and offshore sensor stabilization

The electromechanical gimbal addresses the stabilization needs of customers who want to significantly improve their data captured off-road or offshore. The Mount stabilizes in real-time movements up to ≤± 20.0° in the roll and pitch axis of land and rail vehicles caused by rough, uneven terrain, as well as angular movements of boats, ships, Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs), autonomous platforms and buoys caused by sea swell. Advanced control algorithms assure a stabilization accuracy that has been improved to ≤0.3° rms for best sensor performance and detailed image capture.

Capture crisp data even in the most demanding missions

Schreiber: “It is impressive what a giant step forward we have made with the RSM 50. The Mount offers a higher performance level, better dynamics and 3 times more torque than its predecessor. It can compensate for larger movements with higher angular velocity at the same time as higher lateral accelerations are imposed to the gimbal.” This enables customers to succeed in their mission to capture crisp data even with increased G-forces caused by heavy wave slamming or by a sensor installation up high on a mast. Higher angular velocities result in the Mount being optimally prepared for a deployment on fast vehicles or speedboats.

Less power consumption

Stronger motors ensure precise leveling of payloads up to 40 kg. Despite greater performance and increased payload, the gyro stabilizer does not consume more power. On the contrary, due to a modified mechanical design, the power consumption is even lower than that of the predecessor device. In addition, the RSM 50 comes with an energy-saving mode. This stand-by mode is advantageous for long-term applications, such as on buoys, where power supply is critical.

Additional features include extended diagnosis possibilities and a failsafe braking system to securely lock the payload during power outage. The new Ethernet communication interface allows for an integration into existing networks as well as a control and monitoring of multiple mounts within a network.

Improve the performance of your motion sensitive equipment with reliable gyro stabilization

The stabilization platform excels in its weatherproof design that complies with IP class 67. The technology is well suited for demanding conditions in both salty, humid and also dry, dusty environments. The multi-functional all-rounder for outdoor use is designed for a broad range of vehicular applications requiring stabilization of motion-sensitive equipment, such as antenna arrays, gravimeters, PTZ cameras, CCTV systems or other camera-based surveillance gear. The ruggedized Mount ensures that the sensor always points exactly in the desired direction. With the modified mechanical design of the RSM 50, customers’ requests for an upside-down hanging installation are now fulfilled.

Contact us for further information

Orders will be accepted from January 2023. First deliveries are scheduled for summer 2023. For further questions and prices please contact SOMAG sales team.

In order to give you the best possible assistance, please include the following information in your request:

  • Where should the Mount be installed (floating platform, buoy, ship etc.)?
  • Dimensions (length/width/weight) of the platform or vessel
  • How many meters above the waterline should the Mount and the payload be installed?
  • Center of gravity and weight of the payload
  •  Further information you consider important

Find out more

RSM 50 – Marine

RSM 50 – Marine

RSM 50 – Land

RSM 50 – Land


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