LiDAR system and aerial camera stabilized by GSM 4000 used for 3D cartography of complete French territory

The LiDAR HD program, initiated by IGN, aims to revolutionize national territory mapping through innovative approaches.

Tasks encompass acquiring airborne LiDAR data, processing to meet specifications, and automatic classification using a Deep Learning model. These efforts, in conjunction with ground control point measurements, aim to produce comprehensive 3D maps of France by 2025. IGN, a public institution under ecological and forestry ministries, spearheads this project. As part of the France Relance plan, IGN’s LiDAR HD program endeavors to create a comprehensive three-dimensional map of France, excluding French Guiana, by 2025. This « Référentiel à Grande Echelle » (RGE) facilitates data sharing, access, and utilization, addressing various public stakeholders’ needs.

GSM 4000

Advantages for Lidar and Imagery Products

  • Crystal clear aerial imagery

    through precise sensor stabilization during flights
  • Saving of time and money

    time spent on aerial triangulation can be reduced by 20%
  • Flexibility and compatibility

    GSM 4000 is adaptable to any sensor and camera system

Central to IGN’s program is LiDAR technology, which emits high-frequency laser pulses to precisely determine geographical points’ positions. The project is structured into four phases: data acquisition, processing, hosting and distribution, and user support. Ground control points validate aerial data, ensuring mapping accuracy.

Data classification transforms raw point clouds into meaningful information, aiding in disaster prevention, sustainable forest management, energy transition, urban planning, and biodiversity conservation. GEOFIT and SINTEGRA contribute significantly to data collection and processing.

The project’s culmination involves 7,000 planned flight hours over five years, extending beyond conventional 3D cartography. It signifies a future of informed land management, where detailed environmental understanding and access to accurate data play pivotal roles in decision-making.

About IGN

The National Institute of Geographical and Forestry Information (IGN) is a public administrative organisation under the authority of the Ministries of Ecology and Forestry. As a public reference operator, IGN provides geographical and forestry information in France. The mission of the Institute is to produce, visualise, qualify and disseminate the geographic and forestry data that are essential for the implementation of public policies. To this end, IGN develops partnerships in order to focus energies that guarantee rich, comprehensive and up-to-date information.The Institute is a recognised scientific and technical Center thanks to its advanced expertise.


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