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Diamond Airborne Sensing was founded in 2006, as a 100 percent subsidiary of Diamond Aircraft Industries, the worldwide 3rd biggest aircraft manufacturer in the General Aviation. Diamond Airborne Sensing has been assigned the task of conceptualizing the Multi Purpose Platform (MPP) aircraft according to the demands of service providers.

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SSM 350L Custom-Made Mount

Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH looked for a lightweight and efficient Mount. SSM 350was optimal choice for their needs.

Requirements for their Nose Pod:

  • Lightweight Mount
  • Optimal Dimensions
  • Special Specifications

SOMAG AG Jena fulfilled the requirements of custom-made Gyro Mount.

SOMAG AG Jena manufactured a Gyro Stabilization Mount, named SSM 350L. The SSM 350L has a compact design and reduced weight as was required.

The lightweight design makes the device particularly interesting, because our Gyro Mount and the UltraCam are placed in the nose pod of an aircraft. In addition to this, we varied dimensions. This dimension allows free movement in a localized manner for the whole system. SSM 350L series utilize latest gear drive and an electro mechanical gimbal system, which works without oil. In fact the lighter weight compact design supports Diamond's systems effectively.

SSM 350L Specifications


  • Carbon Fiber Shell

Angular Stabilization Ranges

  • Arbitrary Horizontal Axes: ±6.0°
  • Pitch (at 0 degree Roll): ±8.5°
  • Roll (at 0 degree Pitch): ±8.5°
  • Yaw (Drift): ±10.0°


  • 25 kg


  • 10 - 85 kg


  • Length: 650 mm
  • Width: 590 mm
  • Height: 224 mm

SSM 350L Booklet

Individual Gyro Mount for Diamond

Geostar Diamond
GeoStar - SSM 350L
NosePod with UltraCAM
NosePod and SSM 350L
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