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VisionMap takes the photogrammetric challenge higher, setting a new standard for productivity in the geospatial data industry. Our technology empowers aerial survey providers to fly at higher altitudes and to acquire larger areas - without compromising on high resolution and high accuracy photogrammetric products. Our integral, fully automatic and highly-efficient processing system enables mapping providers to deliver top grade products in less time and with substantial reduction in operational and processing costs.

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Vertical Gyro Stabilization Mount VSM 500

For their needs, VisionMap Ltd. haunted for a mount, which provides her A3 camera family. 

Requirements for Special Mount:

  • Optimal Size
  • A3 Camera family adaption
  • 2 Axis Gyro

SOMAG AG Jena fulfilled the requirements of custom-made mount.

SOMAG AG Jena manufactured a Gyro Stabilization Mount, called VSM 500. The VSM 500 is specifically designed for VisionMap's A3 camera family. The A3 camera family comprised a high resolution Sensor combined with wide swath coverage.

The systems are tightly coupled to ensure a perfect workflow. VisionMap VSM 500 has an additional OEM Branding, too.

Technical Information


Angular Stabilization Ranges:

  • Pitch (at 0 degree Roll): ± 10.0°
  • Yaw (Drift): ± 20.0°
  • Roll (using A3 Edge roll stabilization) + or - 20.0 degree (for 60° field of view) 


  • 26.5 kg


  • 5 - 60 kg


  • Length: 600 mm
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Height: 195 mm
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