Riegl Scanner and Gyro Stabilization Mount 4000

"I agree with your thought regarding higher quality in point distribution and alignments of swaths. It's also for sure an economical aspect with using a gyro stabilizing mount.Our Norwegian projects have rather strict specifications on minimum point density, where 95% of all 10m grid cells of the complete project area requires specified pointdensity or higher. We did a few flights early in the season with the mount locked due to malfunction, and on these flights we have found we are not meeting specifications as pitch during windy sessions results in a drag out of the points and therefore a larger majority of areas with lower point density.

With a functional Mount we have not had these issues to such an extent. Without the use of a gyro stabilized lidar we would need to do changes in our flight planning in regards of larger margins on specified pointdensity, this resulting in more flight time and higher costs." by Gunhild Maehlum, Blom Geomatics AS.

Blom Geomatics AS

Blom Geomatics AS is one of the leading mapping companies in Norway. We serve the entire value-chain by collecting data from our airborne sensors, and in the other end delivering modern map-products. Our most common customers are different public institutions and private actors within planning, environment, forestry and energy sector.

Blom Geomatics AS

GSM 4000 with Riegl Scanner

Riegl Scanner and Gyro Mount
Complete Scanner Mounting
GSM 4000 and Laser System
Bottom View of the mounting

Lidar Example

Overview and enlargement of data example

GSM 4000 with the new RIEGL Scanner VQ-480 II

Our GSM 4000 is compatible with the new RIEGL VQ-480 II and VQ-580 II
for use in helicopters, small aircraft or large UAVs
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