Aerial Mount Camera Applications

CSM 130 with IGI System
GSM 4000 with Vexcel ULTRACAM
CSM 130 OEM Design

Technical Benefit of the Aerial Mount Applications

  • Perfect orthogonal images
  • Precise Camera stabilization guarantees a very good / high image quality
  • Overlap can be reduced to 10% (or even less)
  • Smearing of images is highly reduced
  • Turbulences of aircraft are stabilized
  • Risk of data gaps is highly reduced
  • Operation in a wide environmental range
  • Output of gimbal data at high data rates
  • SOMAG APP for simple initial setup and diagnosis
  • Angular motion compensation
  • Fully automated operation
  • Remotely controlled operation via FMS
  • Automatic drift setting and initialising
  • Adaptable to sensor or camera weight from 0 to 120 kg
  • Compensate not just aircraft movement (pitch, roll & yaw) but also vibrations

Mount Applications

Our Gyro Mounts are designed for Airborne Cameras, LiDAR, Scanning and Spectrometer Stabilizations.

The following pictures are examples of possible applications.

Image Example

stabilized data / pin sharp image
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