Customized System Designed For Phase One

Specifically for the Phase One 190MP Aerial System we developed and designed an individual adapter pod for our Gyro Stabilization Mount DSM 400. This way we created a perfect fitting complete solution for this aerial system consisting of three iXU-RS1900 dual lense aerial cameras. Integrated in our for this case especially customized Gyro Stabilization Mount DSM 400 is an excellent stabilization of the camera system ensured. 

The precise camera stabilization guarantees not only perfect orthogonal images but also a reduction of overlaps up to 10%, the reduction of blurred images and compensates turbulences of the aircraft.

Therefore the whole system allows an outstanding image quality and a highly efficient workflow even under rough flight conditions.

The innovative design of the DSM 400, highly modern materials and newest drive systems generate an enormous lightweight for the use in drones and ultralight aircraft and also an especially powerful Mount with a maximum payload of 35 kg.

Find out more about the exclusive OEM Design we developed for the Phase One 190MP Aerial System

Benefits DSM 400

  • Mass of only 14 kg
  • Payload up to 35 kg
  • Diameter of 270 mm
  • USB-port
  • SOMAG Mount Control App 
  • No need of an external control panel

 Phase One Aerial System Features

  • Small sized and light weight aerial camera system
  • Low power consumption
  • Large image area


The complete system is perfectly suited for drones and light aviation vehicles.

SOMAG DSM 400 and Phase One 190MP Aerial System

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