Gyro Stabilization Mount 4000 with Hyperspectral Camera

Our GSM 4000 is the right choice for hyperspectral sensors like the SPECIM AisaFENIX 1K, which delivers better data when stabilized.

The SPECIM AisaFENIX 1K is a hyperspectral camera for remote sensing and other aerial surveys. The sensor provides HSI data in the visible – near infrared VNIR (350 – 1 000 nm) range and in the short-wavelength infrared SWIR (1 000 – 2 500 nm) range.

AisaFENIX 1K is ideal for applications such as:

  • Vegetation health and forest inventory
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Fire & Flood risk analyses
  • Geological and geothermal exploration
  • Law enforcement and defense applications

The AisaFENIX 1K can be easily installed on our GSM 4000. The gyro stabilization ensures a movement reduction of the sensor and significantly increases the quality of data acquisition.

This combination could be found in one of Diamond Aircraft's DA42 MPP Special Mission Aircraft, which is configured as a multi-role aircraft which includes two interchangeable configurations.

The 1st configuration contains three SPECIM hyperspectral sensors (Fenix 1K, OWL, Kestrel) to be used for forestry management.

All sensors are fully controlled by the IGI Flight Management System. The CCNS-5 Computer Controlled Navigation System is a guidance, positioning and sensor management system for aerial survey missions.

GSM 4000 and Specim Hyperspectral Camera

Specim AisaFENIX 1K stabilized by SOMAG GSM 4000
Specim AisaFENIX 1K stabilized by SOMAG GSM 4000
GSM 4000 and Specim Hyperspectral Sensor in aircraft nose pod
1st configuration contains GSM 4000 and Specim AisaFENIX 1K in aircraft nose pod
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