Slagboom & Peeters

Slagboom & Peeters luchtfotografie is a dutch Company which produces and delivers high-quality aerial photographs. Using their own fleet of planes and camera Systems Slagboom offers a wide Product Portfolio ranging from Stereo photographs to orthomosaics and related products.

With a constantly development the Company works efficient and responds perfectly on developments and needs of their customers.

GSM 4000 in Combination with UltraCam Eagle

Slagboom en Peters luchtfotografie  uses for their work activities with their planes the practically combination of the UltraCam Eagle and our Gyro Mount GSM 4000

Within this combination the GSM 4000 stabilizes optimal the UltraCam and reduces the risk of overlap and smearing. Therefore our Gyro Stabilization Mount supports the UltraCam and allows a high-efficient and precise work without any lacks or disorders.

GSM 4000 and UltraCam Eagle
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