IGI DSM 400 in OEM Design by SOMAG AG

SOMAG AG Jena has designed a DSM 400 in OEM design for IGI. The device impresses with its matt black appearance and the white lettering and thus looks classic and timeless at the same time. With its look the DSM 400 fits perfectly into the overall system of the IGI product range, which is predominantly red and black. This also applies to the IGI Dual-DigiCAM-300, IGI's large format aerial camera.

Based on the DigiCAM, the Dual-DigiCAM features the same high geometric accuracy, broad dynamic range and full metric capabilities at a larger format. Being part of IGI's Modular System Concept, parts of the system can be used in different compatible systems such as DigiTHERM and LiteMapper.

Application Example DSM 400 and IGI Dual-DigiCAM-300

IGI Dual-DigiCAM-300 mounted on DSM 400
IGI Dual-DigiCAM-300 mounted on DSM 400

Dynamic Stabilization Mount 400

The three axis gimbal DSM 400 dynamically stabilizes the camera and enables the aerial camera system to maintain a consistent (almost perfectly stable) orientation, irrespective of the angle of the aircraft. The stabilization mount helps to improve the quality of aerial imagery as well as the downstream data processing.

SOMAG AG Jena partner IGI - Integrated Geospatial Innovations
IGI is one of the world's leading geospatial companies and conducts business worldwide. IGI's entrepreneurial focus lies on system integration of different sensors into the positioning system developed in-house, as well as on the distribution of all-in-one solutions for kinematic and airborne surveying missions.

DSM 400 in IGI Design by SOMAG AG Jena

DSM 400 for IGI
dynamic gyro stabilization
gimbal for medium format aerial cameras
for medium format aerial cameras
DSM 400 OEM Design
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