Phase One OEM Design by SOMAG AG

SOMAG AG Jena developed an exclusive OEM design for Phase One Industrial for both the Compact Stabilization Mount CSM 40 and the Dynamic Stabilization Mount DSM 400.

The aim was to create a timeless mount design that would also create a direct association with Phase One and its products.

We therefore decided on a matt black housing with a white Phase One logo.

Inspired by the blue rings of the Rodenstock lenses of the iXM-RS 280F, we decided to add a coloured ring to the mount as a matching style element. The colour of the ring corresponds to the blue of the standard Phase One logo.

Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution

Phase One 1280MP Aerial Solution
A powerful and fully integrated large format 280MP aerial solution for more efficiency in mapping projects

Two Gyro Stabilization Mounts as perfect add-ons for Aerial Solutions

The three axis gimbal DSM 400 is the perfect gyro stabilization mount for the Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution, as the Mount supports the reduction of the angular rate and counterbalances the aircraft movements and thus ensures an optimal stabilization of the system for blur-free images. The stabilizer is also used for 4-band configuration.

Watch DSM 400 Product Video

The CSM 40 is a small modular stabilization device for the Phase One 100MP/150MP Aerial Solution. With a weight of just 5.2 kg the Mount is particularly suitable for ultralight aircraft and drones.

DSM 400 in Phase One Design by SOMAG AG Jena

DSM 400 OEM Design for Phase One Industrial
DSM 400 OEM Design for Phase One
The DSM 400 stabilizes payloads up to 35 kg
Stabilizes payloads up to 35 kg
3 axis gimbal for higher image quality
Gimbal for higher image quality
The perfect add-on gimbal for the 280MP aerial solution
Mount for 280MP aerial solution

CSM 40 in Phase One Design by SOMAG AG Jena

CSM 40 OEM Design for Phase One
CSM 40 OEM Design for Phase One
The CSM 40 stabilizes payloads up to 15 kg
Stabilizes payloads up to 15 kg
3 axis gimbal for best possible data quality
Counterbalances airborne movements
Gyro Mount for 150MP/ 100MP aerial solution
For 150MP/100MP solution

About our partner Phase One Industrial

Phase One Industrial, a division of Phase One A/S, researches, develops and manufactures medium and large format digital photography systems, software and imaging solutions for industrial markets. Solutions range from aerial image acquisition to machine vision applications and cultural heritage preservation. Whether mapping the globe, executing industrial inspections or preserving priceless works of art and documents, the focus is on imaging accuracy. 

The aerial solutions consist of the iX Controller, SOMAG AG Jena Gyro Stabilization Mount and a GNSS/IMU system.

The iX Controller is a rugged, fanless PC that controls the:

  • Camera
  • Gyro Stabilization Mount
  • GNSS/IMU system

It also runs the:

  • iX Capture – an aerial capture, control and image processing software
  • iX Flight – flight-management system

The Phase One 280MP and 150MP/100MP Aerial Solutions are equipped with Applanix POS AVX 210 / POS AV Series.

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