Vexcel UltraMount in OEM Design by SOMAG

SOMAG AG Jena followed the corperate design of Microsoft's UltraCam business group and designed a branded Gyro Stabilization Mount.

The SSM 350, GSM 3000 & GSM 4000 are named by UltraMount, needed a special OEM Design to reflect Vexcel CI.

Our UltraMount Design considers the aesthetic and functional dimensions. Corporate colour and logo are all visual elements on this Mount. In this case our Gyro Mount contains the writing "UltraMount GSM 4000" with special paint job. The Gyro Mount has an attractive appearance and brand recognition for the digital aerial system series.

The UltraMount stabilizes rotational movements of the aircraft and combined the benefits of SOMAG's Gyro Mount technology to increase the geospatial data quality during aerial data collection. The external IMU can be applied to increase the accuracy.

Application Example UltraCam and UltraMount GSM 4000

UltraMount GSM 4000

SOMAG AG Jena partner Vexcel Imaging

UltraCam business group Vexcel Imaging GmbH has been widely regarded as a geospatial leader, and is establishing itself in the fields of datacenter management, and other leading edge technologies. Vexcel Imaging has been a leader in high technology solutions for over 20 years with a highly qualified staff of engineers, scientists, and technicians, bringing a depth of experience to a wide variety of products and projects. SOMAG AG Jena and Vexcel Imaging have been working together on a trusting basis for several years now.
Watch our short anniversary video with our 150th GSM 4000 which was an UltraMount.

Gyro Stabilization Benefits

Vexcel UltraMount Series

Vexcel UltraMount
Control Panel UltraMount
UltraMount GSM 4000
UltraMount OEM Design
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