GSM 4000 - More Power

We would like to update you about our latest development: GSM 4000®. The GSM 4000 is the successor of the GSM 3000 and contains a lot of new features.

The Gyro Stabilization Mount 4000 is 100% downward compatible to current GSM 3000 installations. It means that the mechanical and electronic interfaces are identical. All sensors, cameras, scanners, LiDAR's and FMS can still be used with the GSM 4000. SOMAGs new 3 axes Gyro Stabilized Platform with 410 mm useable diameter is our best solution where effectivity, weight and performance are combined. Especially the payload is increased to 120 kg. Moreover, SOMAG reduced the weight of the Mount to 29 kg.

On the top of the Mount is the new and simplified control panel, which includes USB-port, 1 rotary knob, 2 push buttons and LED's. The USB-ort of the GSM 4000 allows you to connect with your SOMAG tablet & app. It is possible to monitor and set up different parameters of the Gyro Mount 4000. You can also update the firmware via SOMAG App. For less pollution the hydraulic system is totally covered by the shell and no more transportation valves are needed.

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Important Facts

Control Panel

Compatible with

  • Applanix FMS
  • any other FMS is possible
  • Nearly every airborne camera
  • Nearly every airborne scanner or LiDAR

Field of Application

GSM 4000 Accessories

Gyro Stabilization Mount GSM 4000

Full Covered Hydraulic System
Mass of 29 kg
Control panel / USB port
Payload of 10 to 120 kg


  • Drastic movement reduction of the airborne sensor 
    » Perfect perpendicular exposures are ensured
  • Hydraulic gimbal system
    » Highest stiffness with unmatched dynamic
  • Passive Vibration Isolation Ring
    » Minimization of high frequency vibrations for nearly every payload
  • Leveling option
    » Usage of external IMU data to increase the stabilization accuracy
  • Lift up function
    » Easy accessibility of the camera lens or the bottom of the sensor
  • Independent stabilization because of internal gyros
    » Usage of the device without external IMU possible
  • Applicable with nearly every airborne camera or scanner
    » Only limited by the usable diameter of 410 mm of the GSM 4000
  • Applied standards
    »EUROCAE-14G, RTCA/DO-160G, ISO 7137 2006/42/EC machinery

Principle of Operation

  • Hydraulic System consisting of four cylinders and two servo pumps
  • Drift Movement Compensation by using classic gear drives and bearings 
  • Manual Control with rotary knob or via SOMAG Mount Control App


Angular stabilization ranges1

  • Pitch - at 0° roll: ≤±8.8°
  • Roll - at 0° pitch: ≤±7.0°
  • Yaw (drift): ≤±25.0°

Residual angular rate from perpendicular1

  • ≤0.2°/s rms

Residual deviation from perpendicular1

  • Without IMU support with feature 'Performance Boost': ≤0.3° rms
  • With IMU support≤0.02° rms


  • RS 232/USB


  • 10...120 kg
  • 22...264.6 lb.

Operational Voltage

  • 28 VDC (24...30 VDC)

Power Consumption at 28 VDC

  • 50 W rms/Peak 180 W

Recommended Pre-fuse

  • 15 Amp fuse

Operating temperature

  • -20 °C...+60 °C
  • -4 °F...+140 °F

Storage temperature

  • -55 °C...+85 °C
  • -67 °F...+185 °F

Usable diameter

  • Ø410 mm
  • Ø16.1 in


  • 29 kg
  • 63.9 lb.

Dimensions GSM 4000
(regular leveling positions)

  • Length: 615 mm/24.2 in
  • Width: 530 mm/20.9 in
  • Height4: 175 mm/6.9 in

Applied Standards

  • RTCA DO-160-G, EUROCAE-14G, ISO 7137, 2006/42/EC Machinery


*Preliminary data, subject to change

1 Vehicle angular motion <10°/s with typical data acquisition profile frequency spectrum

2 Deviation from perpendicular depends on accuracy of used IMU

Minimum payload is based on usage of Passive Vibration Isolation Ring

Minimum: 149.5 mm/5.1 in
   Maximum: 200.5 mm/8.0 in

Gyro Mount Application Examples

OEM Design - Vexcel UltraMount
Teledyne Titan Sensor / GSM 4000
IGI Cavalon with embedded CSM 130
CASW - AMC180T with CSM 130
Blom - GSM 4000 with Riegl LMS-Q 1560
RSM 400 in combination with 360° camera
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