Customize your Gyro Mount individual to your needs via APP

Discover our new app features to control your Gyro Mount manually. You can perform a diversity of analysis and control functions in near real time. 

General Benefits for you

  • Feedback (in near real time)
  • Various overviews (Graphics / Data)
  • Various set ups
  • Special functions
  • Quick to analyse values
  • Manually control of the Gyro Mount
  • Quick solutions for your personal issues

Detailed Benefits

  • Quick status overview
  • Input and reporting functions directly
  • Check all sensor, mechanics and electronics
  • Diagrams visualize the Mount movement
  • Simple error overview and selftest for quick fault analysis
  • Input function for end stop limits
  • Pump direction and installation direction of the Mount can adjusted
  • IMU position on vehicle frame can adjusted
  • Simple firmware update

Discover our SOMAG Mount Control App. 

App Features

The ‘Mount Status View’ illustrates an overview of the Mount type, serial number, firmware version and interface protocol.
Different types of diagrams visualize the Mount movement in roll and pitch (in near real time) with reference to its current working height and actual yaw angle.
The "Status Overview" shows different conditions groups e.g. "Motion Status", "Error Overview" (with actual errors) and the "Major Mount Status".

App Features

The "Selftest" feature executes a routine for the Mount, which checks electronical and mechanical parts.
It is possible to set up a different leveling horizon and pump up directions.
The "Movement Range" of e.g. the GSM 4000® can be limited in all 3 axes (positive and negative).
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