Rugged Stabilization Mount for Marine and Land Applications - RSM 300

It has always been our profession to design and manufacture Gyro Stabilization devices, which maximize the effectivity of sensors which are used for data acquisition processes.

The RSM 300 is specifically designed for marine and land applications to capture perfectly stabilized data in these rough environments.

SOMAG AG Jena manufactured a brand new device, which offers new ways of thinking - Our RSM 300. The Ruggedized Stabilization Mount 300 is a Gyro Mount for marine and land usage. With the brand new developed and manufactured RSM 300 precisely stabilization is now not only possible in the land and airborne area, but also in the marine area. Therefore with SOMAG AG Jena you'll get again an innovative solution to optimize your complete workflow and to improve the data you acquire.

Design & Technical Facts - The new area of application of this Mount is the final result of SOMAG experience and engineering knowhow. We designed and manufactured completely modified Mount for the harsh environment. The RSM 300 brings together the best of a weatherproof stabilization system and endless application possibilities in one Mount. Therefor you will get a ruggedized, multifunctional all round outdoor talent for almost any usage.

The installation interface of this Mount allows adapts payload up to 15.0 kg. The weight of the device itself is only 7.0 kg and the useable mounting space is 312.5 mm. Another benefit is that different types of camera or scanner systems are easy to plug. SOMAG AG Jena will offer you a perfectly designed adapter plate for your device.

Application Example & RSM 300

Panoramic thermal camera with RSM 300
Mounting Space of 312.5 mm
RSM 300 - Side View

Testing Results

Testing - The RSM 300 compensates roll and pitch motion of the boat, caused by the ocean waves. The roll (and pitch) motion of the boat is reduced to 0.3 degrees* by our RSM 300 (see following graph / data example of a test ride in August 2016). 

*depends on the wave frequency and without IMU

Important Facts

  • Reduces roll and pitch motion
  • Arbitrary horizontal axes: ±15.5 degree
  • Payload of 15.0 kg
  • Mass of 7.0 kg
  • Useable mounting space of 312.5 mm
  • Dimensions: Diameter 343.0 mm / Height 159.0 mm 
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