New SOMAG Mount Control App features and manual

Discover the new features of the latest version of the SOMAG Mount Control App and the new Mount Control App Manual:

App Directory Symbol

This icon serves as a button. When the button is pressed, the SOMAG Mount Control App folder opens. In this main path, the tests performed in the Analysis Diagnosis view, e.g. the Selftest, can be accessed. Thus this new button enables you to easily find the results of the Selftest which can be send to us. SOMAG AG Jena can now evaluate this text file for trouble shooting purposes to solve any issues as fast as possible. Furthermore, every time the app starts, a file is generated in the Info folder containing information about the system, the USB driver and the app. Moreover, the manuals that can be displayed in the Document Viewer can be manually exchanged in the Documents folder when new manual versions are available.

The new App Directory icon is located in the upper right corner of the app

Select Mount Symbol

With this function it's now possible to connect several Mounts at the same time with the Mount Control App. If several Mounts are connected via USB, one can be selected in the combo box of the App and a connection to the selected Mount will be performed.

If you press the Select Mount Icon in the upper right bar of the App...
the Select Mount dialog opens
now you can select one Mount in the combo box

Top- and Bottom Position (optional feature)

For the spindle-driven Mounts such as CSM 40, DSM 400 and RSM 400 a translational movement is possible. With this feature the Mount can be moved translational in the Top- and Bottom position, e. g. to lock the Mount in a secured position. With the new panel you can now easily choose between the Top- and Bottom position or switch it off via Mount Control App. This function is also useful to define a proper transportation orientation of the device.

Move your Mount translational in the Top- and Bottom position with this new App feature

Aux Port Config (optional feature)

For the Mounts such as CSM 40, DSM 400 and RSM 400 there is an Aux Port interface, where you can connect an IMU directly without a FMS (Flight Management System). With the new Aux Port Config panel the used IMU can be selected in the combo box and activated via the Apply button. (Not available yet for the GSM 4000.)

Example of used IMU:

The communication between the IMU and the Mount is based on a defined port setting and determined commands. For example, the POS AVX 210 sends NMEA commands with a baud rate of 115200 bits per second at a frequency of 20 Hz to the Mount.

Select your IMU in the combo box of the new Aux Port Config panel

New App Manual

SOMAG AG Jena just released a manual for our known SOMAG Mount Control App. You now have all functions of the App described in one document, which makes using the SOMAG Mount Control App even easier. You can get the new manual on request and it can be found in the help section of the latest App version.

SOMAG AG Jena released a manual just for SOMAG Mount Control App
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