Offshore Stabilization Mount - OSM 4000

The OSM 4000 is SOMAG AG Jenas latest innovation and a powerful Gyro Stabilization Mount for land and marine applications.

Because Gyro Stabilization makes a difference

The OSM stabilizes in real-time pitch and roll movements of ground and rail vehicles caused by uneven terrain. It also compensates the angular motions of boats, ships, Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs/ASVs) and buoys caused by waves, providing a stabilized and sharp field of view.

The stabilization thus ensures perfectly aligned images and high quality data capturing. With a mounting space of Ø600 mm the gyro stabilized platform offers sufficient space for antennas and a wide range of large sensors systems.

The OSM 4000 combines power with versatility

The application possibilities are manifold.

Possible Land Applications:

  • Mobile mapping and scanning
  • Chemical detection
  • Border protection
  • Mining vehicles

Possible Marine Applications:

  • Harbour safety
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Gas and oil rigs security
  • Anti-collision systems on USVs and ships
  • Offshore survey

A combination of high-power engines and a hydraulic gimbal system enables the Mount to lift an unprecedented payload of up to 160 kilos. The weatherproof design makes the device extremely ruggedized. The OSM is dust-and salt water resistant.

Like all SOMAG Gyro Mounts the OSM 4000 is usable with the SOMAG Mount Control App and can read in external IMU data.

Are you looking for a more compact device? Then the RSM 400 may be the right one for you.

Important Facts

Compatible with

  • 360° cameras
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Infrared cameras
  • Video cameras
  • Hyperspectral cameras
  • Laser scanners
  • Antennas

Field of Application

  • Marine
  • Land

Offshore Stabilization Mount OSM 4000

Offshore Stabilization Mount 4000
Offshore Stabilization Mount 4000
Payload up to 160 kg
Payload up to 160 kg
Mass of 39 kg
Mass of 39 kg
Usable mounting space of Ø600 mm
Usable mounting space of Ø600 mm


  • high quality mobile data capturing on- and offshore
  • ruggedized Mount for harsh environments
  • IP 67: dust- and (salt-) water resistant
  • lifts payloads of up to 160 kilos
  • Ø600 mm usable mounting space


Angular stabilization ranges1

  • Pitch - at 0° roll: ≤±10.0°
  • Roll - at 0° pitch: ≤±13.0°
  • Yaw (drift): no drift correction

Residual deviation1

  • Without IMU support with feature 'Performance Boost': ≤0.5° rms
  • With IMU support2: ≤0.2° rms

IP class

  • IP 67


  • RS 422/ RS 232 / USB

Operational Voltage

  • 28 VDC (24...30 VDC)

Power Consumption3 at 28 VDC

  • 100 W rms / Peak 650 W

Recommended pre-fuse

  • 20 Amp fuse

Operating temperature

  • -15 °C ... +55 °C
  • 5 °F ... +131 °F

Storage temperature

  • -55 °C...+85 °C
  • -67 °F...+185 °F

Usable mounting space

  • Ø600 mm / Ø23.6 in


  • 0...160 kg / 0...352.74 lb


  • 43 kg / 94.79 lb

(regular leveling position)

  • Diameter Ø665 mm / Ø26.1 in
  • Height4:236.5 mm / 9.3 in

Applied Standards

  • RTCA DO-160-G, EUROCAE-14G, ISO 7137, 2006/42/EC Machinery


*Preliminary data, subject to change

1 Vehicle angular motion <10°/s with typical data acquisition profile frequency spectrum

2 Deviation from perpendicular depends on accuracy of used IMU

3 without wind force / average power consumption with wind force (200 Nm) = 225 W

4 Minimum: 199 mm/7.8 in
   Maximum: 274 mm/10.8 in

Software Features

  • End Stop Limits: adjustment of the Mount movement range
  • Status/Analysis: logging and analyzing functions in SOMAG Mount Control App
  • IMU Installation Position on Vehicle Frame: adjustment of horizontal IMU position
  • Top- and Bottom position: Mount moves to highest and lowest vertical position
  • RTP off: disables mechanical initialization end stop routine movement procedure
  • Installation Direction: adjustment of Mount horizontal installation direction
  • Extended Temperature Range: -35° C
  • AUX port: enables communication to 3rd party interface

Get in touch with us for detailed information about our optional software features!


  • Maintenance Transport Storage OSM 4000
  • Declaration of Conformity OSM 4000

Gyro Mount Application Examples

OEM Design - Vexcel UltraMount
Teledyne Titan Sensor / GSM 4000
IGI Cavalon with embedded CSM 130
CASW - AMC180T with CSM 130
Blom - GSM 4000 with Riegl LMS-Q 1560
RSM 400 in combination with 360° camera
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