Ruggedized Stabilization Mount

RSM 400 - Land

The Ruggedized Stabilization Platform 400 is designed to provide the highest possible level of stabilization for mobile mapping, scanning, imaging and video capturing with ground vehicles.



  • Compact and lightweight design

    suitable for deployment on UGVs and vehicles
  • Adaptable to operational requirements

    with stronger motors and heating elements
  • Most cost-effective land Gyro Mount

    suitable for entry-level users

Maximize the performance of your sensors with our gyro stabilization

The RSM 400 is the smallest and most cost-effective gyro-stabilized platform of SOMAG’s land gimbals. Mobile mapping and scanning or video and image acquisition – for all these applications, the RSM 400 is the perfect addition to your compact sensor system. With minimal dimensions and a light weight of only 5.2 kg, the RSM 400 is ideal for applications where space is at a premium. Located on top of cars, small UGVs and mining vehicles, the RSM 400 compensates for roll and pitch movements that occur while driving. The recordings will be unaffected by vehicle motions because the sensor remains stabilized the entire time.

Precisely adaptable to your needs

The electromechanical gimbal system ensures stabilized imagery and is specifically adaptable to operational conditions. SOMAG offers the possibility to choose a RSM 400 with stronger motors to balance scanners and sensors up to 25 kg. For data acquisition in colder environments, additional heating elements can be chosen to ensure a flawless operation down to -35°C. High-quality materials and a solid mechanical construction guarantee effective use of this dust, salt and splash water resistant mounting system designed for mobile data capturing.


Angular Stabilization Ranges Pitch at 0° Roll:
Roll at 0° Pitch:
Yaw (Drift):
≤± 15.5°
≤± 15.5°
no drift correction
Residual Deviation1 ≤0.4° rms
Payload2 15 kg | 12.3 kg | 10.5 kg
33.1 lbs | 27.1 lbs | 23.1 lbs
Optional Payload3 25 kg | 22.5 kg | 19 kg
55.1 lbs | 49.6 lbs | 41.9 lbs
Continuous Torque 8 Nm
Optional Continuous Torque3 15 Nm
Dynamic Peak Torque4 16 Nm
Optional Dynamic Peak Torque4,3 30 Nm
Mass 6.6 kg | 14.5 lbs
156.5 mm | 6.2 in
Ø335 mm | Ø13.1 in
IP Class IP 67
Operating Temperature -30 °C … +55°C | -22 °F…+131 °F
Storage Temperature -55 °C … +85 °C | -67 °F…+185 °F
Communication Interfaces USB | RS422 | RS232
Operational Voltage 28 VDC (24…30 VDC)
Average Power Consumption6 at Operational Voltage 70 W
Peak Power Consumption6 at Operational Voltage 130 W
Applied Standards IACS E10, DNV GL, 2006/42/EC Machinery
Preliminary data, subject to change

1 Vehicle angular motion ≤± 10° / 15°/s / 40°/s2 – small periodical lateral accelerations (≤ 0.2 g) acceptable, constant lateral accelerations for more than 1 minute reduce the performance of the Mount (can be compensated by external GPS input)
2 Possible payload weight depends on lateral acceleration and CoG of payload | shown data is based on 0.3 g lateral acceleration and a CoG payload offset to the Mount surface of: 100 mm (3.9 in) | 200 mm (7.9 in) | 250 mm (9.8 in)
3 Movement reduction in roll and pitch to ≤± 12.5° / Height: 158 mm (6.2 in)
4 Maximum duration 90 s at 55 °C surrounding temperature / longer if temperature inside the unit is < 55 °C
5 Minimum 132.5 mm (5.2 in) | Maximum: 180.5 mm (7.1 in)
6 Horizontal payload CoG offsets are not considered; without wind force and other possible external forces


Whether on the road or off-road – mobile data collection can be challenging when disturbed by vehicle motions. SOMAG develops and manufactures Gyro Stabilization Mounts for precise stabilization of imaging sensors and other payloads in mobile land applications. Would you like to see in which cases SOMAG Land Mounts are beneficial? We have compiled a number of examples for you that show the variety of application scenarios for our devices.

Discover all land applications


Discover all Gyro Stabilization Mounts with their specifications at a glance in our new product catalog. Below you will also find Mount-specific documentation. Do you need other documents? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly send you manuals on request.

SOMAG Product Brochure

RSM 400 Declaration of Conformity

Mount Control App and Sofware Features

Mount Control App
For all Gyro Stabilization Mounts, SOMAG provides a self-developed Mount Control App with numerous features. It is your all-in-one tool for managing your Mount. The app is part of the standard scope of delivery of each device and is delivered on a USB stick together with the Mount.

Software Features
SOMAG offers optional Software Features which allow you to customize your Mount individually to your mission requirements. Feature management and settings can conveniently be made in the SOMAG Mount Control App. Get the most out of your stabilization platform and learn more about the optional Software Features.

SOMAG Mount Control App

Software Features

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