Sensor Mount Applications

Design for you Medium Format Camera - Because of the variety of applications, the installation conditions for the sensor vary as well. Based on this statement, the SOMAG AG Jena offers the possibility to design adapters which suit 100% the application conditions.

The design of the Sensor System can vary between a simple adapter plates up to an independent unit, which offers different additional options. Suspensions can be designed, especially for the application of Medium Format Cameras, which can be easily pulled out of the Mount to rapidly exchange the sensor head (most likely the lens).

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Adapter Rings for Phase One Cameras

SOMAG AG Jena designed and manufactured different Phase One Adapter Rings for the Compact Stabilization Mount CSM 130. 

We can support adapter rings for:

  • Phase One iXA
  • Phase One iXA-R
  • Phase One iXU
  • Phase One iXU-R
  • Any other sensor is possible

Properties of the Sensor Mount System

  • Specific design of the mounting system according to the Sensor
    » Customer requirements can be optimally realized
  • Implementation of different additional options possible
    » e.g. complete cover around the Sensor
  • Variable adjustable for any Sensor
    » adapter rings are individually designed for the used Sensor

Various Sensor Mounting Systems

Sensor Mounting System
For Cameras and Sensors
Independent Unit
Phase One iXA Adapter Rings
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