PaVIR - Spring and Damper Elements

The Passive Vibration Isolation Ring (PaVIR) of the Mount system is an important part of the whole stabilization equipment. High frequency excitations of the airplane floor can cause serious damages to the sensitive sensor systems, whereas vibration minimization is necessary.

By using a passive damping system, as the PaVIR offers, vibrations are reduced drastically, what increases the data quality especially for Scanners, LiDAR's and cameras.

The Passive Vibration Isolation Ring can be easily adapted to specific weight.

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  • Adaption of the PaVIR to payloads of 10 to 120 kg
    »Perfect vibration reduction for every sensor
  • Reduction of amplifications in a range of ±3 mm
    »Works as damping elemnt for shocks and turbelences
  • Easy adaptable for any Sensor Geometry
    »Mounting Systems for any specific Sensor can be designed
  • Easy exchangeability of the Rings
    »Fast exchange of the Sensor by using the same Stabilization Mount

Passive Vibration Isolation Rings - Application Possibilities

GSM 4000 Damper Ring
CSM 40 Damper Ring
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