SOMAG is now a member of the IGJS

Connecting people, exchange from information and knowledge and therefore learning from eachother. That’s the background behind the IGS (Interessengemeinschaft Gewerbegebiet Jena-Süd). Members of this interest-community in Jena do not just represent  the interests of an important industrial are. Inside of this community they especially get a basis for co-operations and partnerships.

More Information can you find here.

Since 7th of July, SOMAG AG Jena is also a member of IGJS. We’re proud to be part of this spiritual and powerful community. Within our admission we also got an informing presentation about China and useful instructions for the  communication with Asian business  partners. Bettina Kristin Petrasch from Petrasch Asia Consulting GmbH shared some knowledge about cultural differences between European and Asian people. For sure we already knew about this differences and how to handle with. But in consideration that we currently establish connections with Asian Support Partners it was very useful for us to get an update with this presentation.

Miss Lesch’s explanation followed an invitation from Andreas Hörcher, chairman of the board of TowerByte eG. He invited the members to his presentation about the internet of things and economy 4.0 with a following summer-festivity on 25th of August.

With barbeque food and some drinks ended an informative and connective afternoon.


Pictures are made by Dietmar Winter

Bettina Kristin Petrasch presenting
Andreas Hörcher about Internet of things
afterward talks
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