SOMAG AG Jena participates in the Sustainability Agreement Thurinigia

For the third time now, SOMAG AG Jena has qualified for participation in the Thuringian Sustainability Agreement due to its voluntary contributions. The Sustainability Agreement Thuringia is a voluntary agreement between the Thuringian state government and the Thuringian economy. The network brings together politics, administration and business on issues of sustainable management. All those involved in the network are united by the basic understanding of sustainable development and the will to assume responsibility for the next generations.

For us at SOMAG AG Jena, sustainable, responsible and resource-saving business is part of our corporate philosophy, which is why we are participating in the sustainability agreement.

Our strategy covers the areas of education and lifelong learning, climate, energy and sustainable mobility, sustainable consumption and sustainable business.

The concrete measures we are taking include the following:

Energy efficiency:

  • Durable products, which avoids frequent re-buying and the accumulation of (electrical) scrap
  • A rebuy option for older Mounts that are refurbished and resold at discounted rates
  • Concrete energy efficiency measures on the renovated company building, including triple-glazed windows, use of an efficient air-to-water heat pump and use of LEDs throughout the entire outdoor and indoor facilities
  • Use of an e-car as company car

Social responsibility:

  • Subsidization of the company pension scheme beyond the legally required level
  • Subsidization of kindergarten fees and flexible working hours to balance family life and career
  • Payment of Christmas bonus and performance bonuses
  • Regular advanced training offers for all employees
  • Implementation of regular health days as part of the company's health management on topics such as nutrition and ergonomic workplace
  • Provision of free drinks for all employees and provision of work clothing for the employees in the assembly and service area
  • Cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Jena for the recruitment of professionals through regular mentoring of interns as well as bachelor and master theses with the possibility to be hired by our company
  • Sponsoring of local sports clubs such as the FC Carl Zeiss Jena soccer club and the Science City Jena basketball club as well as the athlete Roy Schmidt
  • Regular donations to local projects and associations, including the Hospice and Palliative Foundation Jena
  • Regular participation in cultural highlights of the city of Jena, e.g. the Company Run Jena, where donations are collected for social projects in the city, or the Long Night of the Sciences, to get children and young people involved in technology and technical professions
  • CEO Andreas Steps is also a member of the board of the community of interests for industrial estates Jena-Süd, which represents the interests of the companies in the south of Jena
CEO Andreas Steps (left) and CTO Sebastian Schreiber (right) with the Sustainability Agreement Thuringia certificate.
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