Thuringian Environment Day 2017

On the 26th of October, the Thuringian Environment Day 2017 took place and representatives of economy, policy and administration came in Suhl together to talk about various topics of climate and environmental protection. During the Evironment Day,  different subjects of efficient use of ressources and careful handling of natural ressources, which are focused in the agreement, were discussed. Especially waste, emissions and chemicals were the topics this year.

As part of this event, the participants of the Thuringian Sustainability Agreement (NAT) received their certificates.

SOMAG AG Jena is again a part of this agreement and thus makes a small but important contribution in the sense of a sustainable development of the Thuringian Econonomy.

For more information regarding our services in the sense of the sustainability agreement have a look on our profile on the NAT website.



Pictures made by NAThüringen

CEO Andreas Steps with State Secretary of the Thuringian Ministry of Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation, Olaf Möller


x Welcome greeting
x Opening by Harthmut Röser
x Attentive audience
x Presentation on clean waters
x Presentation on expansion of electric charging stations
x Congratulatory speech by Grith Booth
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