Marine Gyro Stabilizer - RSM 400

In addition to the devices for the airborne sector, SOMAG AG Jena develops and manufactures a range of Gyro Stabilization Mounts specifically for marine and land applications to perfectly stabilize cameras, scanners and antennas in extreme harsh environments.

Because Gyro Stabilization makes a difference

The two axes gimbals compensate roll and pitch motions of boats, ships Unmanned/ Autonomous Surface Vessels and buoys caused by the waves.

The device also stabilizes roll and pitch motions of any kind of terrestrial vehicle caused by uneven terrain. The real-time stabilization ensures high quality data capturing and pin-sharp images and provides a stabilized field of view of the panoramic environment.

Gyro-stabilized platform for use on terrestrial and marine vehicles

The RSM 400 is the smallest gyro-stabilized platform of the marine and land series. The innovative round shape of this sensor mounting system is particularly suitable for surveillance and surveying sensors. Photogrammetric devices can be used with the marine gyro stabilization mount as well as surveillance cameras or pan and tilt units.

We designed and manufactured a compact Gyro Stabilization Mount which is especially made for the use in a harsh environment. Therefore the RSM 400 is dust-, salt- and splash-water resistant.  High quality materials and a robust build guarantee an effective use of this mounting system.

The RSM 400 lifts a payload up to 15 kg. By installing additional heating elements, an operation down to - 35°C can be realized.

This gyro stabilizer has the same electronical interface as all other SOMAG stabilization devices. It can read in external IMU data and can be control via SOMAG Mount Control App.

The application possibilities are manifold.

Possible Land Applications:

  • Mobile mapping and scanning
  • Chemical detection
  • Border protection
  • Mining vehicles

Possible Marine Applications:

  • Harbour safety
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Gas and oil rigs security
  • Collision avoidance systems on USVs and ships
  • Offshore survey

You need a gimbal system for higher payloads? Have a look at our latest innovation OSM 4000!

Important Facts

Compatible with

  • 360° cameras
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Infrared cameras
  • Video cameras
  • Hyperspectral cameras
  • Laser scanners
  • Antennas

Field of Application

  • Marine
  • Land

Gyro-stabilized platform for marine and land

gyro-stabilized platform for maritime applications
gyro-stabilized platform for maritime applications
Payload up to15 kg
Payload up to 15 kg
Marine Gyro Stabilizer with a mass of 6.6 kg
Mass of 6.6 kg
Usable Mounting Space 286 mm
Usable Mounting Space 286 mm


  • high quality mobile data capturing on- and offshore
  • compact and ruggedized Gyro Mount for harsh environments
  • IP 67: dust- and (salt-) water resistant
  • operation down to - 30 °C possible
  • Optional higher payload up to 25 kg


Angular stabilization ranges

  • Pitch - at 0° roll: ≤±15.5°
  • Roll - at 0° pitch: ≤±15.5°
  • Yaw (drift): no drift correction

Residual deviation1

  • ≤ 0.4° rms


  • 15 kg / 13 kg / 10 kg
  • 33.06 lb / 28.66 lb / 22.04 lb

Optional payload3

  • 25 kg / 23 kg / 18 kg
  • 55.11 lb / 50.70 lb / 39.68 lb

Dynamic peak torque4

  • 16 Nm

Optional dynamic peak torque3,4

  • 30 Nm


  • 6.6 kg

Dimensions / Height5

  • 156.5 mm

Dimensions / Diameter

  • Ø335 mm / Ø13.2 in

Usable Mounting Space

  • Ø286 mm / Ø11.3 in

IP class

  • 67

Operating Temperature

  • -30 °C ... +55 °C
  • -22 °F ... +131 °F

Storage temperature

  • -40 °C...+85 °C
  • -40 °F...+185 °F

Communication interfaces

    • USB / RS422 / RS 232

    Operational voltage

    • 28 VDC

    Continuous power consumption6 at operational voltage

    • 70 W

    Peak power consumption6 at operational voltage 

    • 130 W

    Recommended pre-fuse rating

    • 5 A

    Applied Standards

    • IACS E10, DNV GL, BV, DIN EN IEC 60068, 2006/42/EC Machinery


    *Preliminary data, subject to change

    1 Vehicle motion ≤± 10.0° / 15°/s / 40°/s2 / small lateral accelerations (≤ 0.2 g) acceptable

    2 Possible payload weight depends on lateral acceleration and CoG of payload / shown data is based on 0.3 g lateral acceleration and a CoG payload offset to the Mount surface of: 100 mm / 175 mm / 250 mm

    3 Movement reduction in roll and pitch to ≤± 12.5° / Height: 158 mm

    4 Maximum duration 90 s at 55 °C surrounding temperature / longer if temperature inside the unit is < 55 °C

    5 Minimum 132.5 mm / Maximum: 180.5 mm

    6 Without wind force and other possible external forces

    Software Features

    • End Stop Limits: adjustment of the Mount movement range
    • Status/Analysis: logging and analyzing functions in SOMAG Mount Control App
    • IMU Installation Position on Vehicle Frame: adjustment of horizontal IMU position
    • Top- and Bottom position: Mount moves to highest and lowest vertical position
    • RTP off: disables mechanical initialization end stop routine movement procedure
    • Installation Direction: adjustment of Mount horizontal installation direction
    • Extended Temperature Range: -35° C
    • AUX port: enables communication to 3rd party interface

    Get in touch with us for detailed information about our optional software features!

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