Review GMA 2019 in Moscow

From February 14th - 15th we from SOMAG AG Jena exhibited together with NPK Fotonika and Applanix at the GMA 2019, the Research and Practice Conference "Geodesy, Mine Survey and Aerial Topography" in Moscow. Our Application Engineer Ivan Nizovtsev was on site and presented our gyro stabilization devices, their application possibilities and their benefits for an economic data acquisition. After the event, we can sum up that more and more areas will be explored in Russia. Furthermore the area of data acquisition experiences rapid developments, especially regarding 3D-data captures.  The demand for high qualitative and precise data acquisition, which can be also displayed in a traceful manner, increases. That means, summed up, that also the demand for stabilization devices, which ensure a high quality of data captures, will increase. In this context, the event also showed, that more and more drones and light vehicles are being used, what means that most of all small and light devices are in demand not only within the Russian market. This confirmed our assumptions, whereto the developments are going to in the near future.

We were especially pleased about lots of customer voices which praised our gyro stabilization mounts and said, that they work perfectly since many years and they are therefore very satisfied.

All in all it was again a successful event for us from SOMAG AG Jena with interesting conversations and new insights into this industry especially in the Russian market.

Common booth with NPK and Applanix


Common booth with NPK Fotonica and Applanix
Presentation of our Gyro Stabilization Mounts by Ivan Nizovstev
Explanation of benefits for data acquisition systems
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