SOMAG Exhibits And Speaks At GMA In Moscow

February 16th - 17th - SOMAG AG Jena and NPK Fotonika are common exhibitors and speakers at the GMA in Moscow. The Conference is becoming a key platform for interaction of digital geoinformation technology specialist. Mr Ivan Nizovtsev is our representative at the GMA. He will explain to you in detail the benefits of our Gyro Mounts and the technical benefits for aerial and marine survey:

  • Precise Camera stabilization guarantees a very good / high definition image quality
  • Overlap can be reduced to 10% (or even less)
  • Smearing of images is highly reduced
  • Turbulences of aircraft are stabilized
  • Risk of data gaps is highly reduced
  • Operate in a wide environmental range
  • Output of gimbal data at high data rates
  • SOMAG APP for simple initial setup and diagonisis
  • Angular motion comepensation
  • Fully automated operation
  • Remotely controlled operation via FMS
  • Automatic drift setting and initialising

At our corporative booth we are presenting our Ruggedized Gyro Mount RSM 300 and our CSM 130 together with the Phase One Camera.

You are Welcome to visit us at our corporative booth and you are welcome to contact us or to arrange and appointment.


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