User Group Meeting

UltraCam partners and sales partners from across the globe joining the User Group Meeting for several days in Denver, CO for meetings, networking and presentations. The latest technologies were treated to presentations. Networking is always a benefit of these meetings and in addition to good business. The guests had the opportunity to participate in team building activities that included golf. 

Mr Schreiber (CTO) was part of this team and speaker. Mr Schreiber (CTO) spoke in front of all the guests about SOMAG AG Jena and the benefits of our Gyro Stabilization Mounts for photogrammetry:

  • Perfect orthogonal images
  • Precise Camera stabilization guarantees high definition image quality
  • Overlap can be reduced to 10% (or even less)
  • Smearing of images is highly reduced
  • Turbulences of aircraft are stabilized
  • Risk of data gaps is highly reduced

Speaker at Vexcel UGM

Mr Schreiber speaks about the benefits of our Gyro Mounts

Impressions Vexcel User Group Meeting 2017 in Denver, CO

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Software Workshop
Mr Schreiber as speaker
Come Together
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