Our latest Gyro Mounts

New naming and latest products - We would like to show that all our products now have the same technological level: GSM 4000, DSM 400, CSM 40 & RSM 400. Our latest developed Gyro Stabilization Mount is the DSM 400, which is the successor of the SSM 270. This special Mount for medium format cameras and sensors is our Dynamic Gyro Stabilization Mount which is especially designed as a cost efficient Mount system with simplified controlling options. 

The CSM 40 and DSM 400 have been complety new designed. On top of the Mounts you will find the new simplified and redesigned control panel. One important benefit of the new design is that there is no external control panel necessary anymore. Moreover these Mounts contain an USB port and an interface port with 2x RS 232 serial interfaces. With the new USB interface it is furthermore possible to connect the CSM 40 and the DSM 400 with the SOMAG Mount Control App to control your Mount, set up the best performance for your device and monitor various parameters.

To adjust our Mount for the marine area, our RSM 400, to the technological level of our other Mounts, the GSM 4000, the DSM 400 and the CSM 40, it is now also connectable with our SOMAG Mount Control App.

The digital control system allows an optimal use of our Gyro Stabilization Mounts.

With our SOMAG Gyro Stabilization Mounts you will find an option for aircraft, drones, UAV's, helicopters and even for ships. 

To discover our Mounts for the aerial area have a look to the product pages of our GSM 4000 and the DSM 400 for aircrafts and the CSM 40 for ultralight aircraft vehicles, drones, UAV's or helicopters.

If you are looking for a stabilization system for the marine or the land area have a look to the product page of our RSM 400.

Benefits for Lidar and photogrammetry

  • Very homogeneous point distribution for LiDAR systems even at very high scan rates (e. g. 300 kHz)
  • Regulary sampled and aligned data collection
  • Predictable LiDAR point distribution (Pitch variability in x-axis)
  • Operation in a wide range
  • No pixel mixing under strong vibrations for hyperspectral scanners
  • Perfect orthogonal images
  • Precise camera stabilization guarantees a very good/high image quality
  • Overlap can be reduced to 10% (or even less)
  • Smearing of images is highly reduced

Common Gyro Mount Features

DSM 400

  • Medium airborne sensors and cameras
  • Electromechanical gimbal system
  • Digital control system
  • Useable diameter 270 mm
  • Payload 0 - 35 kg
  • Mass of 14 kg

Redesigned CSM 40

  • For ultralight aircraft and drone
  • Single medium format cameras
  • Single sensor systems
  • Electromechanical gimbal system
  • Digital control system
  • Useable diameter of 130 mm
  • Payload 0 - 15 kg
  • Mass of 5.2 kg

RSM 400

  • For marine applications
  • Single medium format cameras or sensors
  • Electromechanical gimbal system
  • Digital control system
  • Useable mounting space of 312.5 mm
  • Payload 0 - 15 kg
  • Mass of 7.0 kg

Our latest Mounts

GSM 4000
DSM 400
CSM 40
RSM 400
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