New Software To Drive SOMAG Stabilization Mounts

Frontier Geomatics TREAD Software together with NoVatel SPAN and our SOMAG Gyro Stabilization Mounts presents a powerful system for LiDAR mapping and airborne imaging technologies. 

While Frontier Geomatics TREAD Software shows the heading, track and crab angles, displays the number of the images taken and also drives our SOMAG Mounts, they themselves ensure a precise stabilization during the operations.



Pictures by: Loftmyndir ehf.

Benefits Of The Complete System

Frontier Geomatics Airborne Sensor Utility TREAD Features

  • Heading, track, crab, roll and pitch angles
  • Displays number of images taken
  • Stores gimbal angles

SOMAG Gyro Stabilization Mounts Benefits

  • Precise stabilization of vehicle movements and vibrations
  • Reduction of blurred images and data gaps or overlaps
  • Enable an efficient workflow 
  • Save time and money

Application Images

Loftmyndir with Airborne Sensor Utility TREAD
Loftmyndir with Airborne Sensor Utility TREAD
TREAD Utility software view
TREAD software view
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