Topoflight flight navigator works together with all SOMAG Mounts

TopoFlight is a 3d flight planning software which allows the fast and interactive design of flight plans. The inclusion of digital elevation models leads to best results and minimizes the amount of images and thereby the costs of any flight mission. TopoFlight can be used to plan photogrammetry and LIDAR missions and supports frame, line and LIDAR sensors.

The Topoflight Navigator is used to navigate the airplane or helicopter for image and LiDAR data acquisition. A predefined flight plan (e.g. provided using TopoFlight) is used as base data. The camera is triggered at the pre-defined positions. The Topoflight Navigator can be used with all our Gyro Stabilization Mounts: GSM 4000, DSM 400 & CSM 40.

Benefits Of The Complete System

Topoflight Flight Navigator Benefits

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to understand and control
  • For Lidar and camera flights
  • For horizontal and terrain following lines
  • User interface developed together with pilots
  • Fully integrated flight system
  • Quality control on the fly

SOMAG Gyro Stabilization Mounts Benefits

  • Precise stabilization of vehicle movements and vibrations
  • Reduction of blurred images and data gaps or overlaps
  • Enable an efficient workflow 
  • Save time and money
  • Why SOMAG Gyro Mount?

Integration of a fully integrated Riegl system, Topoflight system & GSM 4000

The newest integrated system, the RIEGL LMS-Q1560 can be fully controlled by TopoFlight. Swiss Flight Services runs such a system on the first hatch on their Cessna Caravan and on the second hatch an UltraCam camera together with the GSM 4000. Successfully controlled by TopoFlight Navigator.

TopoFlight Navigator works together with our Mounts

All lines screen
Single line screen shows active line
Sensor Handler
DSM 400
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